High technology concerns all components of an equipment

The choice of innovative materials such as titanium, new fibers, composite materials, for thin, solid, light frames combined with palettes of colors now infinite.
The choice of ranges of trendy and vintage frames adapted today thanks to ultra modern materials allowing to gain in comfort.
The choice of the eye-code technology Essilor, the high-tech measurement taking to obtain 100% of glasses well centered.
The choice of innovative and technological glasses from the world's leading manufacturer Essilor and adapted to all situations such as preservation of visual health but also digital work, night driving, outdoor activity ...

Today we have glasses that allow:

For visual health

To filter 100% of UV even with white glasses (it is the material that filters)
To filter harmful blue light

For comfort

HD technology
More pitching effect with progressive lenses
Ultra-thin and flat glasses
Antibu ...

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